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The Growing Good Toolkit is a FREE six session course helping churches explore the connection between social action, discipleship and growth. Through six flexible, interactive small group sessions, we explore how our churches can be faithful and fruitful in our local communities. We're currently looking for churches to PILOT the Toolkit and share their feedback with us.

The GRA:CE Project

Growing Good: Growth, Social Action and Discipleship in the Church of England is the final report of the GRA:CE project, a three year research project from Theos and CUF that explored the relationship between social action, growth and discipleship in the Church of England.

The Growing Good Toolkit is designed to help churches from all denominations reflect on and implement the key insights of the research.

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A Growing Good Story: Presence

Over the last 10 years, St John's Hoxton has grown it’s presence and visibility in the community.

Taking simple steps to open up its space, listening and responding to the hopes and concerns of the local community and providing a safe space for young people has led to new relationships, flourishing and growth.

Immanuel got involved with the church football team and encouraged his friends to join in. He's now an active church member and part of the leadership team.

St John's Hoxton is featured in Session 1 of the Growing Good Toolkit which explores the theme of presence.

More stories of Growing Good
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Christmas Activity Pack

Decorate your doors or windows with a constellation of stars that will shine a message of welcome and love to everyone in your community this Christmas.

Follow the steps in our activity pack to make and decorate your church or home with handmade stars and then gather for a special blessing at the threshold. You can take part as a church community, as a family, social group or individual.

Bless these doors, lit with stars, and all who walk through them.

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St Giles

Our experience of the Toolkit

The Diocese of York recently incorporated the presence session from the Growing Good Toolkit into their Stepping Up lay leadership training programme.

“It helped people to get a fuller picture of their church’s presence in their community.”

After the session, participants came up with some next steps to strengthen the presence of their church in the community. One church realized that their welcome sign could only be seen from one angle, and are now discussing with the PCC how to improve the physical visibility of the church so that local people can know that that the church is open, active, and welcoming!

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