Mission-focused resources for your new ministry

Using the Growing Good Toolkit

The Growing Good Toolkit is a free six session course for churches:

• Get to know your church and community context.

• Mission-focused tips for planning and activity.

• Backed by three years of research about what helps churches thrive.

• Flexible, practical and easy to use.

• Reflect on scripture and stories from churches.

• Celebrate the contribution your church is already making.

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The Toolkit Sessions

1: Presence

Being seen and known for doing good.

Consider how your church can be an active and visible presence in your community, and hear from an inner city church that has become a beacon of hope in its local community.

2: Perseverance

Being faithful in the long-term.

Explore the value of investing in communities, even when it's hard and slow, and find out how one church has invested in local schools over the long-term, and seen fruit.

3: Hospitality

Building a culture of giving and receiving.

Discuss the importance of offering a welcome that goes beyond offering food, and learn how a church worked with its local community to start a vibrant café and build relationships.

4: Adaptability

Being open to challenge and change.

Explore how being open to doing things differently can encourage new growth and find out how one church has adapted their worship to involve people of different ages, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

5: Participation

Inviting everyone to be part of what’s going on.

Consider how participation in social action can be a way for people to become part of the life of your church and hear what this meant for one family after they had a faced a difficult time.

6: Next Steps

Reflect on the things you have learned from the Growing Good sessions and the practical next steps you might take individually and as a church

A message from CUF's CEO, Right Reverend Rob Wickham

Dear friends,

The Growing Good toolkit, has been developed to help you proclaim the gospel in word and deed in the communities you serve through exploring the connections between social action, mission, discipleship and growth.

At your ordination, you will hear these words from the bishop:

Deacons are to proclaim the gospel in word and deed, as agents of God’s purposes of love. They are to serve the community in which they are set, bringing to the Church the needs and hopes of all the people.

I hope these resources help you to explore your new context, working with the people of God to discern what is happening in that place and how you might join in. As you step into a new season of service and leadership, we are here to support you and your congregation.


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